英語版 JOC活動紹介&JOCの始まり「じゃかるた新聞の記事」


以下、JOC活動紹介と、JOCの始まりになった芦田さんの記事「じゃかるた新聞 火焔樹(2012年4月7日掲載)の英語版です。

Jakarta shinbun Kaenju


Jakarta Osoji Club (JOC) is an organization that is concerned with the cleanliness of the environment. JOC was founded by Tsuyoshi Ashida, a Japanese foreign citizen and invited Japanese who residing in Indonesia to jointly create a cleaner environment. The majority of foreigners who live in Jakarta feel that this city is one of a dirty city among Asian countries. To clean the city is actually not the responsibility of foreigners who live in Jakarta, but if our actions will give positive impact and encourage the Indonesian to care about the environment then we are willing to pick up garbage in this city. Our vision and mission is to create a clean city and increase public awareness to care about the environment.
Every week we organize activities picking up trash at the Bung Karno studium in Senayan started at 08.00 am until 10.00 am. Until now, JOC has approximately 50 members from Indonesia and 46 members from Japan, and we are very pleased that our activities can encourage the hearts of the people who see it to participate picking up garbage around them. We are grateful to all members of the JOC who have given time to pick up trash and we believe that one day Jakarta can be a clean city.
Besides picking up trash, JOC is often asked to assist in the activities of the festival are often held in Jakarta, such as Enichisai festival that was held on June 30, 2012 and the Jakarta Japan Matsuri to be held at the National Monument on 30 September 2012.
For those of you who want to know our activities can be seen on our blog, www.jakartaosojiclub.blogspot.com and www.jakartaosojiclub.blog.fc2.com, www.facebook.com/JakartaOsojiClub or follow our twitter @JKT_osojiclub.


Jakarta shinbun Kaenju
dated April 7 2012 「Jakarta Osouji Club」by Tsuyoshi Ashida

We can’t use the words "Jakarta is a clean city" as a compliment, because in reality there is a lot of garbage in this city. And many people who casually littering the roadside. We also often see people throwing garbage on the road of in his car.

Thousands of people gathered in a presidential campaign event in times of election a few years ago. And after the show ended, the venue is transformed into a mountain of garbage. If only, the candidate perform actions such as picking up trash, is certainly a good thing. But unfortunately, she even rushed into the car and went home. I’m not want questioning "why did they do it?", Or "why did it happen so?", But I want to say in this column if there are readers who want Had the Jakarta into a clean and beautiful city, I invite you all to create an association to clean up Jakarta together.

When asked "how do I clean and remove all garbage in Jakarta?" I honestly don’t know. However, when the strangers come together, and then echoing the slogan "Jakarta clean!", together cleaning the street, walking while picking up trash, and then one day, our activities will be covered by mass media of Indonesia, and continuously have appealed to the citizens. Maybe they will be moved if they see a stranger who works hard to make Indonesia into a net. Perhaps it would be foolish to suppose this movement will seep into the hearts of the people. Does not matter who is burdened with the responsibilities, or who take the initiative first. But here I want to challenge you all, that it is possible though unlikely that this would be great.

Therefore, is there any people who want together to do this with me? If anyone is interested please contact me. I think we'll start with clean-up activities at the curb in a particular place for an hour.
If you have any questions, please contact me at 0811-801-801 or via email ts_ashida@yahoo.co.jp

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